Proven Results

Delivering impact

The right combination of people, process, and technology can produce positive results for patients

We continually work with our oncology network partners to deliver proven results and ensure our solutions are effective.

Better patient experience

Leading industry engagement rates with 86% approval rating.*

*Based on more than 7,000 patient responses to Navigating Cancer surveys in 2019.

Comprehensive scalable solution

Whether a practice has 1 provider or 500, we have core expertise in scaling our comprehensive solution to meet any oncology practice’s needs.

Case Study

Reducing Cancer Costs Through Symptom Management and Triage Pathways

Published in the Journal of Oncology Practice in 2018, a study was conducted to quantify the savings of two mid-sized community cancer providers using the Navigating Cancer PRM solution for standardized telephone triage with integrated symptom management pathways.

The analysis of more than 10,000 triage incidents showed that using our platform resulted in:

3.85 million savings generated

6.8% reduction in unnecessary ER visits

426 avoided ER events

Navigating Care® Study in Journal of Oncology Practice

JOP study


Improved outcomes through medication adherence

We deliver the right information to the right patient at the right time. The result: patients may stay on therapy longer, which can improve overall outcomes.

Read our 2017 study published in ASCO  that looked at the impact of our educational programs on lung cancer patients.

Our study showed that patients who engaged with Navigating Care educational materials experienced:

50 days longer time on therapy (mean increase)

13% increase in one-year survival

Practice Spotlights

Our Navigating Care solution has a significant impact on practice and patient satisfaction

Practices experience faster symptom management after implementing our Navigating Care solution. Some clinics see more than 80% of symptom-related incidents resolved in less than 2 hours.

Better patient communication is enabled through our solution. Practice staff are able to return patient calls faster, reducing patient wait times by 50%. One practice was able to respond to patient needs within 10-15 minutes due to the triage board populating in real-time.

Navigating Care Practice Spotlights


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