Support your employees when they need it the most

Digital tools proven to control costs and improve health outcomes for patients living with cancer. 

Americans will be diagnosed
with cancer by 2030¹
1 in 1
Estimated spending on cancer medical costs by 2030¹
$ 100 B
Of employer medical costs
are attributed to cancer²
1 %


  1. National Cancer Institute 2022 Cancer Facts & Figures.
  2. AJMC, February 25, 2022.

A digital health solution proven to reduce the cost of cancer care

Our intelligent care delivery platform enables oncology clinicians to engage with members and provide cost-effective, patient-centered navigation. This includes proactive symptom management through electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs), expedited triage services, and data-driven interventions, resulting in fewer complications and reduced hospitalizations.

Deliver a better experience at every step of the cancer journey

The Navigating Care® digital companion is designed to meet the needs of cancer patients and their caregivers outside of the clinic. It provides quick and easy access to the care team, offers personalized tools for managing complex cancer diagnoses, and connects patients to a range of support services. With Navigating Care, patients have a reliable resource that supports them throughout their cancer journey, bridging the gap between clinic visits.​

Tech-enabled care navigation chosen by thousands of oncologists, and now available for employers

As the most widely used digital oncology platform with deep provider integrations nationwide, Navigating Care enables better care coordination, creating efficiencies and a personal touch, placing patients at the center of their care.

It begins with a conversation.