Partnering to unlock value for patients.

Partnering with leaders in Life Sciences to improve medication adherence and outcomes through digital interventions.

Personalized digital education is vital for health literacy and improves patient engagement.

Navigating Cancer’s digital platform makes it simple for pharmaceutical companies to partner with providers to deliver personalized and actionable education materials.

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1) Navigating Cancer Leading HER2 Breast Cancer Treatment Retention Study. IQVIA. 2021, May 24

"Very helpful to receive the education material, as I can understand more why certain medications are being prescribed, how to take the medicine, what side effects to expect, along with what the interactions are with certain other medicines and foods."
– Navigating Care Patient

Better Access, Unmatched Precision

Patients receive educational materials via our web-based application, email, SMS text message, and/or US mail. This ensures the proper education is delivered to the right patient in the desired format from a trusted source.

Timely and Personalized Content

We ensure that patient education is sent at the ideal time from their clinic, with content that is highly relevant to each patient and their treatment journey.

Disease Education

Disease education facilitates meaningful patient–provider dialogue and helps patients become active participants in their care by addressing questions about their diagnosis.

Actionable PRO-Data insights enable continued digital innovation for better health outcomes.

In collaboration with oncology clinics, cancer research institutes, and life science partners, we leverage real-world patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data to enable digital health innovations and advancements in cancer care delivery.

Treatment Adherence

Visibility into patient-reported adherence and prescription behaviors to optimize medication use. 

Quality of Life

Longitudinal symptom and care management data provides end-to-end insights on patients’ experience while on treatment.  

Health Equity

Surfacing disparities to improve care delivery for all patients.

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