Navigating Cancer C-CDA API Documentation for Navigating Care, Inc. Patient Engagement Portal v.7.0

C-CDA API use basics

Documentation for 45 CFR 170.315(g)(9)

The Navigating Cancer APIs are REST APIs with documentation of the API syntax, function names, parameters, and responses available through our the following API documentation pages:

Documentation before December 31, 2022

Documentation after January 1, 2023.

Read our Terms of Use

Before using the API, be sure to review our Terms of Use in order to fully understand the rights and responsibilities that are implied by use of the NC APIs.

Acquiring an API Access Credential

To register to use our API and obtain your access token for the Navigating Cancer APIs please contact our customer support at 

Software components and configuration needed to use the API

There are no special software components or configuration necessary to use this API. These APIs are REST APIs and can be accessed with any HTTP client that supports HTTPS, specifically HTTP over TLS v1.0-1.2. For example, it is understood that you can test your API key with our API using only a web browser. The JSON response structure returned by our FHIR API methods are documented within each method description. The XML response for the CCDA API conforms to the specification for C-CDA R2.1.

Mappings from CCDS Data Element to FHIR API Resource:

  • Patient Name – Patient
  • Sex – Patient
  • Date of birth – Patient
  • Race – Patient
  • Ethnicity – Patient
  • Preferred language – Patient
  • Smoking status – Observation
  • Problems – Condition
  • Medications – MedicationStatement
  • Medication allergies – AllergyIntolerance
  • Laboratory test(s) – DiagnosticReport
  • Laboratory value(s)/result(s) – Observation
  • Vital signs – Observation
  • Procedures – Procedure
  • Care team member(s) – CareTeam
  • Immunizations – Immunization
  • Unique device identifier(s) for a patient’s implantable device(s) – Device
  • Assessment and plan of treatment – CarePlan
  • Goals – Goal
  • Health concerns – Condition

Mappings from USCDIv1 Data Classes to FHIR API Resource:

  • Allergies and Intolerances – AllergyIntolerance
  • Assessment and Plan of Treatment – CarePlan,QuestionnaireResponse
  • Care Team Members – CareTeam.participant
  • Clinical Notes – DocumentReference,DiagnosticReport
  • Clinical Tests – Observation, DiagnosticReport
  • Diagnostic Imaging – Observation, DiagnosticReport
  • Encounter – Encounter, Condition
  • Goals – Goal
  • Health Concerns
    • Health Insurance Information – Coverage
    • Health Status/Assessments – Condition, Observation
  • Immunizations – Immunization
  • Laboratory – Observation, DiagnosticReport,Specimen
  • Medications – Medication,MedicationRequest
  • Patient Demographics/Information – Patient,RelatedPerson, [US Core Extensions]
  • Problems – Condition
  • Procedures – Procedure
  • Provenance – Provenance
  • Smoking Status – Observation
  • Unique Device Identifier(s) – Device
  • Vital Signs – Observation