Navigating Cancer CEO Gena Cook Shares Thoughts on Patient Relationship Management

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

Healthcare delivery is changing in complex and dramatic ways. Providers are expected to provide better care at a lower cost—give patients around-the-clock access to their care team, improve patient outcomes and experiences, all while lowering operational and treatment costs. There is only one way to meet this challenge: by embracing new technology. Read more at Value-Based Cancer Care. Interested in learning how Navigating … Read More

Don’t confuse a patient portal with patient relationship management

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

The introduction of Meaningful Use led many clinics to adopt a patient portal to provide their patients with electronic access to their health information. Some practices chose the free patient portal included with their EMR and others chose a comprehensive solution, like Navigating Care’s Patient Link, that would actually go far beyond a patient portal and activate and engage patients … Read More

How Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management solution helps improve your CAHPS score

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Patient satisfaction has always mattered, but now practices will actually be measured and paid based on how their patients perceive the services and care provided. For practices participating in the Oncology Care Model (OCM), their patients will receive a Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as this is one of … Read More

OCM isn’t just about reporting. It’s about patient-centered care.

Stephanie GingerCare Management Solution, Oncology Care Model, Patient-centered Care

With the Oncology Care Model’s July 2016 launch, nearly 200 providers are implementing a new model of cancer care delivery. While this important program is full of possibility for a better way to care for patients, it has also has providers asking a number of questions: How do I report on the required Monthly Enhanced Oncology Services (MEOS) activities? Who performs … Read More

Deliver the Right Information to the Right Patient at the Right Time

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

Patient Link Feature Spotlight: Patient Education Navigating Care is the premier patient relationship management platform for oncology-specific healthcare delivery. Patient Link, a product in the platform, serves as an electronic gateway for patients to access their own health record and interact with their care team. Patient Link eliminates the barriers to communication to help facilitate shared decision-making. Patients can  be active … Read More

Leveraging Technology to Improve Efficiency and Meet Patient Expectations

Stephanie GingerPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

Medscape recently published a summary of a recent survey titled, “Digital Divide Between Patients, Physicians Continues” and it caught our attention. They surveyed 1,423 health professionals (including 847 physicians) and 1,103 patients. Of the patients surveyed, 80% of patients believed EHRs make a practice more efficient. Physicians had a much different view. While 90% of physicians surveyed used EHR, half … Read More

Patient Relationship Management: A Sure Path to Patient-Centered Care

Gena CookPatient Relationship Management, Patient-centered Care

As cancer care providers know well, the landscape of healthcare delivery is changing in complex and dramatic ways. Two related trends are driving this change: the shift among payers to value-based reimbursement and rapidly evolving patient expectations. As a result, providers are squeezed in the middle. Simply put, you are expected to provide better care at a lower cost — … Read More

A Non-Face-to-Face Chronic Care Management Solution, for Patients Too

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Let’s say I’m a diabetic recently diagnosed with cancer. In the last couple months, I’ve visited multiple clinics (endocrinology, radiology, nutrition, oncology, chronic wounds), plus the ER. As a Medicare beneficiary, my out-of-pocket costs are about $400 a month. Now, my oncologist offers to enroll me in her new Chronic Care Management program. I’m told that for a small addition … Read More