Online Registration Makes Sense for Patients and Providers

Patients prefer to register from the comfort of home
With forms accessible online, patients can register at their convenience and their own pace.

Giving patients a convenient way to complete registration forms prior to their first appointment is an important improvement for the patient experience. Saving resources and providing your staff with an easy way to track patient registrations makes sense for your practice.

The Registration feature using Navigating Care’s Patient Link is a great way to automate a process that can be lengthy and complicated. Forget paper and clipboards, not to mention asking a patient to remember all of their medication details off the top of their head and filling in the same medical history and personal information over and over.

The Registration feature gives patients another way to manage their health on their terms and also gives clinic staff one less thing to administer so they can focus on patient care, not paperwork.

Navigating Care’s Registration Module has several important benefits:

  1. Patients love it.
    By making the forms accessible online, the patient can complete them at their convenience and their own pace. At home, they can check prescription bottles and medical records to fill in all of the details. If they need a break, they can always come back later and the wizard will help them fill in the remaining blanks. One patient commented, “I loved having the ability to review the forms from my recliner – I could complete everything from home where all my information was available.”
  2. Providers get the information the need.
    Since the patient has their information close by and they can take their time filling in the forms, providers get more complete information. Plus, registration forms filled out at the clinic are handwritten and can be hard to read, making room for errors. Providers are able to deliver more comprehensive care when they are confident that they have an accurate overall picture of the patient’s health and medical history.
  3. It saves time and money.
    Patient appointments are imported from the EMR and a branded invitation to complete the registration process is sent out according to clinic specifications. The clinic doesn’t have to mail out paper forms, saving staff time and money – on average $100 per month. They can also see patients faster since the forms – which can take different patients different amounts of time – are already complete when the patient arrives.
  4. Staff can easily track status of patient registrations.
    The clinic staff can track the status patient registrations at a glance using a simple dashboard and they are notified when the forms are completed. If a patient has only partially completed the forms, the staff can quickly scan a PDF to identify what is still outstanding. They can manage the registration more easily and stay informed about the status of patients prior to their arrival.

Online registration is convenient for the patient, more informative for the provider and more efficient for clinic staff. As Shauna Herman of Cancer Care Associates of York told us, “We have gotten tremendously positive feedback from our patients. They really love that they can enter their information ahead of time and don’t have to remember to bring anything with them to their appointment. Our staff loves it because they are notified when a patient has completed their forms and are able to get patients set up in the system early. It’s been a real blessing.”

If you would like to learn more about Online Registration, contact Navigating Cancer today.

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