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Medical Home vs. Accountable Care Organization

The differences between the medical home and accountable care organization (ACO) models, including the risks and benefits of each. Guest article from Bo Gamble, Director of Strategic Practice Initiatives with Community Oncology Alliance (COA).

One Man’s Journey

Guest blogger: Jothy Rosenberg “You have zero chance of survival.” That is what my nineteen-year-old brain heard in 1976, as my doctor told me that the cancer that took my right leg three years previously had now spread to my lung, two-fifths of which had also just...

Hiring and Firing An Oncologist

Op-Ed Guest Blogger: Beth L. Gainer Oncologist. The word itself sounds scary. So scary that 2001 found me terrified that I had to see one for my breast cancer treatments. A cancer doctor. Let's face it: doctors can be terrifying to us patients. They are the ultimate...