Social Media tools improve healthy behaviors

A new study from the University of Michigan showed that adding social media features to an internet based walking program significantly decreased the number of participants that dropped out.

Seventy-nine percent of participants who used online forums to motivate each other stuck with the 16-week program. Only 66 percent of those who used a version of the site without the social components completed the program.

This shows the power of having a support network who can encourage you to maintain healthy behaviors at times when your personal motivation may not be as strong. The study also notes that using social media can be more cost effective than other motivation programs, such as one-on-one interventions or coaches.

A walking program is obviously not as critical and life threatening as a cancer diagnosis, but it does demonstrate the importance of having a network of friends to stay on track. We believe that having your support network engaged during your cancer treatment is important and tools like Navigating Cancer make it easier to keep them updated on your progress, ask for help, and receive notes of encouragement to stay as motivated and upbeat as possible.

sometimes you need a little help (photo from lululemon athletica on flickr)

Battling cancer is a long and tiring process, and some days you’re going to feel beat down by the whole ordeal. Let your network know how you’re doing so they can help encourage you to stay the course. Other cancer survivors who have experienced the same feelings may have some tips on how they got through it too.

Read the full results of the study.

We hope you find the tools on Navigating Cancer useful to stay connected and receive the support you need from your friends and family and other like patients.  Continue to let us know how we’re doing and what we need to improve…we’re listening!


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