Tools and resources to support cancer caregivers

750,000 Cancer Caregivers

More than 1.4 million cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, and studies suggest that at least 50 percent of those diagnosed with cancer will have someone in their immediate family act as their caregiver.

Being a caregiver is hard and exhausting work. You may spend your time preparing meals, cleaning, providing transportation, administering medications, talking to health care professionals, and making sure your loved one gets everything they need. Studies show that a third of caregivers spend more than 40 hours per week taking care of a cancer patient.

Support for Cancer Caregivers

As a caregiver on Navigating Cancer, you have the ability to view, add to and edit all areas of your patient’s profile in case they aren’t able to do it themselves. We recently added a new page for cancer caregivers that outlines some of the free tools and resources that can help you provide loved ones with the best care while reducing your stress and anxiety. Navigating Cancer enables caregivers to:

  • Organize medical history and insurance information
  • Coordinate a treatment plan and schedule.
  • Communicate more effectively with health care professionals.
  • Track medications and how your loved one is responding to treatment
  • Receive support from your network and communicate with loved ones

Are you a cancer caregiver, or know someone who is? Visit our caregiver support page to learn more and register today.

For existing members, here’s how you can designate a current supporter as a caregiver:

In the green Your Community navigation, click the Connections link where you will see all the people in your support network. When you hover over each person’s icon you will get an option to add him or her as a caregiver.

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