Prepare for Doctor Visit form improvements

What is the Prepare for Doctor Visit form and why cancer patients should use it

Time spent with a physician is one of the most important parts of a cancer patient’s journey, and it’s critical that they can provide their physicians with an accurate summary of how they are doing since their last visit so their health care team can make adjustments to their care if necessary. In addition, this is a chance to get all their questions answered, so it’s vital to have everything written out in advance so they don’t forget something important. The Prepare for Doctor Visit form compiles all the information a patient has entered into their Daily Health Journal, necessary insurance and Medical History data, and much more in advance of their next doctor’s appointment.

Prepare for Doctor Visit improvements

The updated design went into effect today, making it easier to navigate with a more intuitive page layout. A new addition is a simple 5 step guide that walks patients through the process of selecting what information they should include, and prompts them to update any information that may be out of date. Good or bad, we’d love to hear what you think, please send your thoughts to info@.

Old Prepare for Doctor Visit page

Below is a screen shot of the old page that showed all previous reports, and had a link to create a new report.

This was the old page for creating a new report.

New Prepare for Doctor Visit page

And here’s the new interface, where we combined the two previous pages into one page, so you can now create a new report and see old reports on the same page to the right.

Before your next doctor visit, start by filling out your appointment details, click continue, and you’ll be taken to a simple 5 step guide that will walk you through all the information you should provide, as well as questions that you may want to ask when you meet with your doctor.

Click the link to check out the updated Prepare for Doctor Visit form, or join now if you’re not a registered member of Navigating Cancer. Again, we’d love to hear your thoughts, please send feedback to info@.

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