Stay Connected. Provide Better Care. Improve Outcomes.

Proactive Triage

  • Symptom pathways
  • Faster interventions
  • Stratified by risk

Remote Monitoring

  • Improve adherence
  • Manage side effects
  • Give patients a lifeline

Patient Satisfaction

  • Personalized care
  • Timely communication
  • Access to support 24/7

  • Patient Education

    Personalized education specific to individual patient diagnosis and treatment

  • Secure Messaging

    Patients can contact the clinic, other cancer patients and family members

  • Health Tracker and Patient-Reported Outcomes

    Use remote monitoring to capture, track, and analyze patient-reported outcomes for proactive management

  • Telehealth, Triage, Symptom Pathways, and Follow-Ups

    Prioritize triage and standardize symptom pathways for common side-effects

  • Distress, Pain, and Depression Screenings

    Automatically share digital screenings across the care team

  • Navigation Activities

    Record and track patient navigation activities performed with the patient

  • Comprehensive Care Plans

    Templates to ensure compliance with Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations

  • Care Pathways

    Timeline of activities with visit-specific tasks for designated populations

  • Reporting and Compliance

    Track and surface activities in meaningful reports needed for compliance