Patient Portal Integration with Unlimited Systems

Partnership Embeds Integration into Patient Engagement Portal

Today we announced an exciting partnership with Unlimited Systems, the leading national provider of systems integration to over 1,300 cancer care providers. We’ve embedded Unlimited Systems’ Interlink gateway integration engine into our Patient Engagement Portal, which makes it possible to easily integrate with any of the practice management, lab and electronic health record (EHR) systems used in oncology practices across the country. As a result, this will enable cancer clinics that adopt our certified Patient Engagement Portal and a certified EHR to integrate the two and qualify for the HITECH Act Meaningful Use incentives.

Streamlines Clinic Workflow, Gives Patients Complete View

With integration across multiple clinic systems included in the Navigating Cancer Patient Engagement Portal license, we’ll be able to create the interoperability needed that will allow practices to save time and money by reducing duplicate data entry, streamlining patient registration, and expediting insurance verification for faster claims payment and reduced denials.

Although integration is vital to make a practice as streamlined as possible, creating a really robust Personal Health Record for oncology patients will be transformative and help healthcare professionals and patients collaborate in ways that weren’t possible before.  Patients will have complete access to their health records including medical history, lab results, and appointments, which they can view online and on demand through their clinic’s website and under their clinic’s brand.

We feel strongly that this partnership is a significant value-add for clinics and patients.  We’re excited because we’re one step closer to delivering on our mission to connect every cancer patient to their healthcare team, their own health records and the right information at the right time.

The following are just a few of the reasons why our Patient Engagement Portal is the market leading patient portal solution for oncology clinics.

  • Certified for more Meaningful Use objectives than any other independent patient portal solution. This makes it easier for clinics to qualify for Meaningful Use incentives.
  • The only certified, oncology specific patient portal that can integrate with any certified EHR system. This offers clinics more choices in crafting a custom solution that best fits the unique needs of their practice.
  • Innovative and unmatched features such as cancer specific care management tools and automated delivery of patient education materials.
  • The simplest and most intuitive design makes it easy for patients and staff to use.

We would welcome the opportunity to be your partner in delivering patient centered care. Click the links below to learn more, or click here to request a demo or additional info.

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