Interview with Navigating Cancer CEO, Bill Bunker

Navigating Cancer CEO, Bill Bunker sits down for an interview with healthcare business consultant and policy expert, David E. Williams.

The anxiety and uncertainty of cancer diagnosis can create extreme distress in patients, their loved ones, society, as well as the providers that care for these patients. Bill Bunker, CEO at Navigating Cancer is dedicated to streamlining and refining the patient care experience and leads the most widely adopted patient-facing platform for oncology in the market, supporting 1.5M patients and more than 2,600 providers.

In the latest Health Business Group podcast, you’ll hear Bill share how Navigating Cancer leverages workflow, data, and mobile capabilities to improve the patient care experience. The proper effective treatment for cancer patients is essential to their prognosis and quality of life. Navigating Cancer’s focus is to transform the patient experience through patient-centered cancer care, and by decoding the complexities between providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and others to better support them. Bill says, “we are trying to focus on how we can bring all these parties together to enable patients to have a single place to get the key information that they need to make their care successful.”

With patients spending more than 95% of their time outside the clinic setting, David and Bill also discuss the challenge of medication adherence in oral oncolytics. Navigating Cancer’s technology enables patients to maintain real-time contact with their care team, and for providers to have visibility during the patient’s care cycle to support medication adherence, manage side effects, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how Navigating Cancer is enabling the best care for patients. This podcast is available on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and YouTube.


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