Member home page navigation changes

With the recent website updates, you will notice that the member navigation on your home page has changed. Below is an overview of the changes. By combining links from some sections and moving others around, we’ve been able to simplify the navigation so all the links are in view at all times while you navigate the site.

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Navigation Box headings removed

Previously we had three main navigation boxes, a blue box titled Manage Your Recovery, a green box titled Support Network, and a grey box titled Cancer Resources. We have removed the titles and eliminated the grey navigation box by combining the links in this box with other navigation, which is detailed below.

Icons added to each section

We have added visual icons to each section to help you more clearly identify which section you are in.

Green Navigation Box changes

  • Discussions have been moved from the grey cancer resource box to the green navigation box
  • Profile link has been moved to the navigation bar at the top of the page. This allows you to view what your profile looks like to your private network and to the public.

  • Recommended resources and document links have been combined from the grey resources box and are now located in the library link
  • Group memberships has been renamed to Groups
  • Connections have been moved to the Settings navigation box under Care Team Contacts
  • Experiences are now called Shared Experiences

Grey Resource Box changes

  • This navigation box has been removed
  • Recommended resources and documents have been combined and are now located in the green navigation box in the Library link
  • Featured resources are now located in the Explore link below the green navigation box

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