Member home page design improvements

Today we released a new design for the member home page. This is the page you see once you log in.

The changes are unique based on the role you selected when you registered (survivor, supporter, caregiver, professional). Note that if you previously registered as a patient, you are now considered a survivor in a journey phase based on the information you’ve entered into your profile.

We encourage all cancer survivors to enter their journey phase when updating their patient info (click diagnosis) as the site has been developed to provide a custom experience based on what type of cancer you have, what stage you’re in, and where you are in your cancer journey (testing, treatment or monitoring).

In addition to the member home page improvements, we’ve also made changes to the following pages. Click the links to get more details about the specific changes made to each page.

Home page changes that apply to all members

Below are screen shots from the old home page and the new home page. Design improvements include:

  • The Tips and Suggestions box on the top left of the page has been removed. It will soon be replaced with a “What’s Next” box that will guide members through next steps in using the site based on your role and the information you’ve entered in your profile.
  • On the right hand side of the home page, the calendar box titled Health Journal Entries has been removed.
  • The Upcoming Needs and Events box is now called Your Schedule, and shows a list of actions to take including events, appointments and medications that are past due, or are coming up in the near future.

Old home page

Improvements for Survivors

  • Your cancer type, stage and journey phase are displayed in a graphical box; with a link to your settings to change these.
  • Your Support Network box shows you your last update to your support network and allows you to add a new update (it used to be part of the activity feed). You also have a link to your new Support Network page.
  • If you are a member of a clinic with a profile on Navigating Cancer, your clinic now has a box on the top left of your homepage where they can post a message and actions they’d like you to take.

New Home Page

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