New! Medication and event reminders on Navigating Cancer

Navigating Cancer offers an easy place to create a treatment record summary for your various cancer treatments and medications. In addition to chemotherapy medications, you can easily add & track when you’ve taken pain medications, prescription medicines, over-the-counter, or other alternative medications.  If you haven’t tried this lately, check out the recently updated medication and treatment scheduling capabilities of Navigating Cancer that makes it easy to add medication and treatment schedules to your calendar.

We understand that some medications are not scheduled in advance, but only taken when needed, while others have prescribed days and times they should be taken.  In order to help you get the most benefit from those scheduled medications, we’ve just introduced the ability to add reminders to your medication schedules on Navigating Cancer.  In fact, you can now set email reminders for any of the events or appointments on your calendar, your chemotherapy or other treatments, or any of your scheduled medications.  All of these settings are now available in the “Email Reminder Settings” section of the “My Settings” page, which you can access from the link at the top of the page when you’re signed in.

Email reminders panel on the My Settings pageWith the addition of email reminders, it’s now necessary for us to begin saving your time zone information so we can be sure to send you the reminder at the right time!  So, the next time you sign in to Navigating Cancer, you’ll be asked to confirm your time zone and click Save.  You can always update your time zone information in the “Profile Page Settings” section of the “My Settings” page.

Since we’re speaking of medications, many members don’t know that you can view a summary of how consistently you’ve been taking & tracking your medications by running the Medication Summary report.  The Medication Summary provides a list of scheduled medications for the previous 1-4 weeks (you select the range) and indicates which days you “checked off” the medication as taken, when you’ve added unscheduled medications, or “missed” any scheduled medications.  You’ll find the link to the Medication Summary report just below the mini calendar on your Navigating Cancer dashboard or Daily Health Tracker.

As always, if you have any questions or want to send us feedback about how to make Navigating Cancer a better service to meet your needs, please let us know.

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