Innovative OCM Strategy Featured in Oncology Issues

Northwest Medical Specialties(NWMS) is making headlines with its innovative approach to the Oncology Care Model (OCM). The Association of Community Cancer Centers recognized the practice’s research-based approach to its value-based care initiatives with an Innovator Award last year. As a follow up, the June issue of the organization’s publication, Oncology Issues, featured an in depth look at the approach they have taken to succeed in OCM.

The article also gives an overview of the steps NWMS to scale its approach to all patients they care for. Navigating Cancer is proud to partner with the practice to build technology-based tools to do that. When complete it will allow cancer care providers to deliver personalized care at a population level,  enabling care team to assign a patient to one or more population groups, each with its own associated tasks, timelines, and alerts. So rather than relying on sticky notes, Outlook calendars, or other manual tools—which can be difficult to track, especially if a patient is in multiple populations—the care team is presented with a “to do list” each day via the software and can follow the prompts provided to ensure that they are providing the best care possible and complying with program requirements. Read the whole article.

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