How one clinic tackled the Oncology Care Model

Northwest Medical Specialties was presented with a 2017 Innovator Award from the Association of Community Cancer Centers at the National Oncology Conference in Nashville this week. In conjunction with that, Sibel Blau, MD and Jessa Dunivan will be presenting their approach to the Oncology Care Model and other value-based initiatives at the meeting. If you’re there – don’t miss it tomorrow, October 21st at 9:20AM.

In their session, “Designed for Success: A Research-Based Approach to Meet OCM Requirements” they will explain how they leveraged the Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) to succeed in the Oncology Care Model (OCM). They will provide insight into how an “OCM Study” control group allowed their practice to easily identify problem areas within this patient group and implement solutions to improve treatment and care among their entire patient population.

Leveraging Technology
After experiencing early success with their approach, they really wanted to scale this very high quality, closely managed care to all of their patients, but using the CTMS was not feasible for a few reasons: the high cost, the lack of visibility to the whole care team, and the manual nature of managing the printed checklists. Instead, they partnered with Navigating Cancer to leverage a technology solution that would connect the entire care team and enable them to deliver really exceptional care to each and every patient. The result: Population Health with Care Pathways. The software allows them to automate care coordination tasks and reporting, so they can focus on patient care. All of the information they need to ensure compliance and provide the same level of care to each patient is in one place where it was previously tracked across as many as six different systems.

Introducing Population Health
Population Health is the evolution of the Navigating Care platform. With it, practices can scale Care Management activities to deliver personalized care to all patients – regardless of payer or program. This software solution provides visibility across the entire care team for care coordination. It captures real-time patient data so the care team is always informed and can meet the requirements of any risk contract by following unique Care Pathways.

  1. Consistency of Care using “Care Pathways” that allow practices to define population care standards and carry out associated care tasks so that every patient in the population receives the same comprehensive, high quality care.
  2. Scale the Care Team using the platform’s automation engine to replace manual care coordination and enable the care team to increase their capacity to meet the demands of value-based care programs.
  3. Gain Population Insights via dashboards that present the latest population insights so that practices can understand their successes, learn from shortcomings and act on opportunities to improve.

Every patient is a unique blend of populations and requires a unique set of activities. Population Care Pathways help care teams deliver both comprehensive and personalized care to broad populations.

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