Using Health IT to Enhance the Value of Cancer Care

Gena Cook

The editors of Value-Based Cancer Care Magazine asked Gena Cook, Navigating Cancer’s CEO, to contribute a guest article for their August edition, which is now available online. In it, Gena provides an overview of how information technology (IT) can be a pathway to improving healthcare and achieving the goals of patient centered care.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

With widespread adoption of information systems and interoperability within systems, it is conceivable that the healthcare system can be transformed. Providers and patients can envision a system that can produce better outcomes, higher quality, and lower costs than today.

In tomorrow’s system, patients will have the ability to see parts of their healthcare record, understand their laboratory values in a longitudinal way, and receive more information about their health to minimize disease and actively manage it when diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses. Patients will be able to use technology, and most likely be required to manage the transactions of their care online, such as requesting prescriptions, appointments, and laboratory testing.

Click here to read the full article.

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