Focus of Leading Health Systems in the Changing Healthcare Landscape

A recent survey published by Premier, Inc queried C-suite leaders of prominent health systems to find out what they were focused on in light of the new administration and the changing healthcare landscape. While the top focus areas may not be all that surprising – they are important to think about. At Navigating Cancer, we’re focused on developing tools to address these:

  • Moving from meaningful use to meaningful insights – “moving beyond recording data in electronic health records”
  • Engaging and satisfying consumers – “focusing on increasing engagement strategies like online apps and telemedicine and care management teams”
  • Shifting toward population health, risk and scale – “increase use of expanded healthcare team structures to include care coordinators, clinical pharmacists, nurse practitioners and other healthcare extenders”

This list is probably pretty close to what cancer care providers are focused on as they prepare for value-based reimbursement programs including MIPS and alternative payment models like the Oncology Care Model. They certainly align with much of our focus at Navigating Cancer:

  • Making patient information meaningful. While the the EMR is an important tool to keep the patient record complete and updated, it is static – information goes in and that’s that. Navigating Cancer’s Care Management platform ensures that information is surfaced to the care team in an actionable way. It allows the team to quickly respond to patient-reported outcomes, track high risk patients and it puts the care team on the same page as they can all see what’s happening with the patient in real time.
  • Putting the patient at the center of their care. Patient engagement and satisfaction is more important than ever. Providing patients with tools and information to manage their care and connect with their care team is essential. Navigating Cancer gives patients a central place to organize their care, get in touch with their care team, access personalized educational material and find community support to manage their treatment on their own terms.
  • Supporting the entire care team so they can better meet patient needs. In the new healthcare landscape care teams are made of up more than just a physician. Care teams are composed of many different people who all have important roles to play. Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management platform is designed to support all of those roles from physician to triage nurse to navigator and more. Care team’s can get beyond sticky notes and paper processes and start delivering coordinated patient care.

If you want to learn more about how Navigating Cancer can help you prepare for value-based cancer care, contact us today.

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