Executive Report: Minimizing Hospitalizations for Cancer Patients

Healthcare costs are at an all-time high. The total annual cost of cancer care in the U.S. is projected to reach $175 billion by 2020, if our current trajectory holds.

As cancer care becomes value-based, providers are faced with the challenge of transforming clinic workflow to meet the requirements of new payment models while at the same time caring for the nation’s growing population of cancer patients. The ability to do this successfully, and in an economically sustainable fashion, will depend on effective care management technology solutions.

Hospitalizations are an especially costly expense for our healthcare system, and carry an emotional toll for cancer patients and their loved ones that cannot be calculated. This executive report gives stakeholders a window into Navigating Cancer’s vision for how to combine the right processes and technology to proactively avoid hospitalizations for cancer patients, and walks readers through the key elements that such a comprehensive software solution will entail.

The report can be downloaded here: Navigating Cancer Report_Minimizing Hospitalizations

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