Navigating Cancer Enables the Entire Digital Oncology Ecosystem: Patients, Providers, Pharmaceutical Companies & Partners

At Navigating Cancer, our primary goal is to give cancer patients a better healthcare experience. That’s why we created the first patient-centered platform for oncology. Beyond cancer patients, however, our platform also supports providers, pharmaceutical companies and other partners. Here’s how Navigating Cancer and Navigating Care® benefit the entire cancer community:

How we help patients 

Our Navigating Care® solution makes it easier for patients to be involved in their cancer care and keeps them in constant contact with their care providers. Accessible by smartphone, tablet or personal computer, the technology is available 24/7, allowing patients to communicate with their care team and receive updates and customized instructions from their care providers. For additional support, the platform offers access to personalized data and educational materials and connects patients with their loved ones and the cancer community. When patients are well connected and well informed, they can stay healthier during their treatment and experience improved outcomes.

How we help providers 

Our patient relationship management platform encourages patients to communicate better with their care teams, providers are able to deliver more proactive treatment, giving each patient more personalized, comprehensive care. When patients are getting the attention and care they need, they experience higher patient satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.

Not only are patients happier, but the care team is happier. Our Care Management solution allows clinics to work more efficiently while providing better care. The clinic staff is able to work at the top of their license, providing exceptional care to help more patients. Physicians prepare and become economically viable in value-based payment models—without disruption to their day-to-day activities. As a result, the entire care team is happier and more fulfilled by their work.

Beyond the benefits of better care and personal fulfillment, our platform adds value to every aspect of the practice, streamlining workflows and reducing administrative tasks. Not only do the added efficiencies allow more time to be spent with patients and improvement of the care experience, the improved workflow helps reduce operating costs throughout the practice—in the front office, on the clinical team and through administration.

How we support our pharma partners

By connecting clinical workflows, oncology content and data capabilities, we join forces with pharmaceutical companies and other partners to help improve care for cancer patients. Through our digital education program, we provide patients with personalized education from our partners, which helps the patient understand their cancer diagnosis and their treatment options. Our solutions help pharmaceutical companies reach their targeted audiences with personalized disease or treatment  education,  helping drive awareness and adherence. 

We are constantly improving our patient-reported outcomes (PRO) platform to enable the broadest, largest PRO + EMR data set in oncology. By delivering the personalized education offered by pharmaceutical companies to patients and providers, Navigating Care® helps improve patient experience and keeps cancer patients on therapy longer, which results in better patient reported outcomes and improved survival rates.

We connect patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and other partners for improved outcomes

Navigating Cancer is on a mission to improve the lives of cancer patients and those who care for them. We coordinate our efforts with care providers, pharmaceutical companies and other partners to work as a team to provide a better patient experience. When patients have a better experience, they’re more engaged with their care. In turn, it improves their chances for a better outcome. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

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