Employee Spotlight: Martin Chavez

In this Employee Spotlight, meet Martin Chavez, the Senior Software Engineer of our Interoperability team. Martin works every day on workflows to increase the ease of use, safety, and data integrity of our solutions here at Navigating Cancer.

Sit down with Martin Chavez to hear about his career path, hobbies, and more!

What do you do at Navigating Cancer?

I am a Senior Software Engineer working on building a Data Lake and Data Pipeline to discover, prepare and combine clinical data for analytics, reporting, and application development.

Since you work remotely, tell us a bit about your workspace at home.

My office window has a great view of the garden which is constantly changing with the seasons and invites birds and wildlife.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I am able to design and architect forward-thinking solutions and solve very interesting and complex problems.

What motivated you to start working with Navigating Cancer?

I am very passionate about healthcare and technology, Navigating Cancer is at the intersection of both, and provides an opportunity to improve people’s lives.

What’s the most unique job you ever had before working here?

I worked at a Pharmacogenetics company, which is a very niche area of healthcare.

What’s the best thing about working for Navigating Cancer?

Our work matters, it is very fulfilling knowing that we have an impact on our customers.

What can you be found doing outside of work?

I love playing with my toddler, her favorite game is hide-and-seek. I enjoy the outdoors, going for hikes, and discovering new places. I am obsessed with making the perfect cup of coffee, always looking for new techniques and recipes.

I enjoy all things soccer—Go Sounders!

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