Employee Spotlight: Christi Urman

Navigating Cancer is focused on transforming patient care and our team is committed to every aspect of our cause. In this Employee Spotlight, meet Christi Urman, a Senior Project and Implementation Manager. Christi has an extensive career in the oncology industry and works every day to help our clinic customers give their patients the best care possible.

What do you do at Navigating Cancer?

I am a Senior Project & Implementation Manager. I coordinate clinic implementation projects, program management as well as account management for our clients. I have been a remote employee for most of my career.

Since you work remotely, tell us a bit about your workspace at home.

I have a U-shaped desk with a computer riser. My office is a beautiful butter yellow (it’s my favorite color). I am surrounded by some of the tangible items that mean the most to me daily. I even use a selfie light since I don’t have windows in my office. It feels silly but it does improve my Zoom meeting image.

What motivated you to start working with Navigating Cancer?

I have worked in oncology for over 16 years. Having several personal impacts with cancer in my life, I’ve always been driven to serve those in their cancer journey. Navigating Cancer’s mission and vision was incredibly exciting for me as it puts the patient at the center of their care team. I saw the gaps in oncology care and could clearly see how Navigating Cancer’s solutions filled many of those gaps. The last thing a patient should be concerned with is how difficult it is or isn’t to communicate with those tasked with their care. Every project carries a personal goal of mine to help get patients the care coordination they so dearly deserve.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Patient outcomes continue to motivate me at work. Knowing that the patient is our north star and for whom we do all of our hard work makes it easy to come to work. I’ve also found that the team members I work with at Navigating Cancer are the kindest of all of the jobs I’ve had. It takes a special type of person to keep patients at the center of their everyday “why”. We’re fortunate to have many of such employees here.

What’s the most unique job you ever had before working here?

My friends and family joke that I’ve held every possible job in my life. This is largely due to the fact that I worked up to 4 jobs to put myself through college. I would say the most interesting job people ask me about is being a Health Inspector. Folks are always curious about the most disgusting restaurant stories and things that I’ve seen. I liked that job, but I wasn’t passionate about it the way I am about oncology. It does add a pinch of flavor to my work history, though. See what I did there?

What’s the best thing about working for Navigating Cancer?

Is it wrong to say the best thing about working for Navigating Cancer is that the company is located in Seattle? Of course, I’m passionate about my “why” to work here, but my heart is the happiest when I’m in Seattle working at our Western Avenue office building. Seattle is a city that I fell in love with after landing my first professional biotechnology position upon graduating with my undergraduate degree in Biology. I worked for Chiron Corporation and moved to Seattle as a young adult. I found a piece of myself in the Pacific Northwest and specifically Ballard, a suburb of Seattle. Finding my way back to a connection to this amazing city while implementing my “why” daily is an amazing opportunity.

What can you be found doing outside of work?

When not keeping my “day job” I’m hanging out with my hilarious 4-year-old son, my amazing husband or family/friends. We adore traveling and seeing new places. Living in a beauty-rich state allows us to hike and be outdoors exploring most of the summer. I also dabble in photography and love finding new ways to capture the precious memories I’m making. I serve as a Zonta International Member advocating for the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

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