Responding to COVID-19

Deliver cancer care safely and effectively

Pandemic Response

The role of technology is playing a bigger role in cancer care – do you have the right tools in place?

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on cancer care, but cancer care providers are quickly responding, learning, and moving forward to continue to care for patients – leveraging technology and digital tools along the way.

Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management digital platform offers important advantages for cancer care providers. 

Delivering care in a COVID-19 world

Automated Screening

Lessen the administrative burden of the COVID-19 pandemic with automated pre-appointment screening to ensure patient and staff safety.

Workflow support

Ensure patients receive personalized content at appropriate intervals and remain connected to your office and their data between visits.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Prompt patients to report symptoms on a regular basis so you can provide timely care even when you can’t be with patients in person.

Remote Patient Care

Use our secure, cloud-based software platform to provide patient care from home when necessary.

Stay connected to your pateints

Remote care management tools

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the adoption of digital health technology for vulnerable cancer patients, remote monitoring and telehealth are emerging as critical tools for providers to support patients, deliver proactive care, and help patients avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

What makes Navigating Cancer different?

Cloud-based software for flexible access

Rapid development of COVID-19 specific tools

Robust remote patient monitoring solution

Proven to help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations

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