Do cell phones cause brain cancer?

That’s the question a decade long global study attempted to answer, but rather than provide clarity the study ended up generating more confusion and criticism because of how it was run.

Scientists analyzing the accuracy of research into mobile phones and cancer — which in many years has always failed (to) establish a link — reported last year that studies vary widely in quality. In an assessment of 23 published studies involving more than 37,000 people, they found that results often depended on who conducted the study and how well they were able to adjust findings for bias and other errors.

Read the full article on MSNBC.

The cause of most adult brain tumors, as well as the risk factors, are largely unknown, so it’s especially frustrating to have a study as long as this one result in no new information.

What do you think, does extended cell phone use put individuals at an elevated risk of developing brain cancer? If so, do you limit your cell phone use?

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