Cancer blog round up: November 12

We continue to feature some bloggers from the lung cancer community as part of Lung Cancer Awareness month, and branch out to high light posts from some other cancer types as well. We’re still looking for bloggers from the pancreatic cancer community, leave a link in comments if there are any that you’re aware of.

lung cancer ribbon

  • In her post “It Takes an Army” Lizzy acknowledges the commitment of her support group and care team, and her sheer gratitude for feeling well again.
  • Linnea writes about life, love, laughter, and lung cancer as she describes a full day in her post “Yesterday and This Morning”
  • As a survivor who was diagnosed at the young age of 21, Taylor guides other lung cancer patients toward helpful resources in her post “Today is a Special Day”
  • Chemotherapy is described as a savior and a foe in Jonathan’s post “A Bitter Taste Left in My Mouth”
  • As a young couple, B Muttz and his care-giving wife face difficult therapy decisions in his post “Plan for the Future”


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