Cancer bloggers weigh in on caregiver survey

As you may have heard, this week we released the results of our caregiver survey. We asked members of the cancer blog community to share their thoughts on the findings as well – below are some of their posts. If you’d like to weigh in on the effects of cancer on the caregiver or write a post on your blog, please share it with us in the comments.

Cancer blog reactions

  • Katie on Uneasy Pink writes that she thinks the results are astonishing, but “The(y) make perfect sense if you spend some time thinking about caregivers, which most people don’t do.”
  • The Renal Carcinoid blog observed that “If you don’t have a caretaker, then the caretaker becomes the patient, multiplying the issues.”
  • Caroline of Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog, both a cancer survivor and a caregiver, notes, “It is nice to see in the survey that we are not alone in dealing with the same issues.”

Caregiver Resource Library – How You Can Help

As a result of what we learned in the survey, we’re putting together a comprehensive resource library to better support caregivers. To help build this resource center, we are asking the cancer community to suggest ideas for new resources and/or links to existing ones. Anyone who suggests a resource by Dec. 17 will be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift card from Amazon.

What resources do you think are missing?
What were the resources you turned to the most?

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