Cancer blog round up: January 14

by | Jan 14, 2011 | Patient Engagement

This week we feature blogs from survivors in a variety of cancer types including breast and thyroid cancer, melanoma and leukemia. From how to manage pain to not letting cancer get in the way of your dreams, as always there’s no shortage of inspirational stories from the cancer community.

January is also cervical cancer awareness month, if you know of any blogs that we should be aware of please leave a link in comments so we can follow them.

Cancer blog round up for week ending January 14, 2011

Living the Dream” is how Robin describes joining the Peace Corps and not allowing thyroid cancer to limit her aspirations.

In his post “And Now the Bad News” David shares his personal experience of a transient ischemic attack and his new best friend coumadin.

yoga tree pose

image from kaibara87 on flickr

John posted “What to do With the Pain” when he realized his discomfort was no different lying down than when doing yoga, which ultimately has led him to feeling better.

Andrea writes about her wider appreciation for life and the shift she experienced in “Melanoma Changed My Life

Recent reports stating a shattered chromosome can cause a cell to become cancerous leads Caroline to speculate it its “A Breakthrough Without a Purpose”

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