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Cancer Care Companion for Patients

A cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event

Patients rely on their oncologists and care team to help manage their care, and our technology is designed to make that easier.

We know that cancer can make patients feel alone. That’s why we designed our Navigating Care® solution as a digital care companion to support patients throughout their journey. Our solution allows patients to:

Connect and communicate with the care team at any time from any device

Receive timely health updates and instructions from their care team

Have 24/7 access to customized care information

Access personalized data, education and self-care instructions

Receive support from their loved ones and the broader cancer community

Our goal is to help patients stay connected with their clinic, increase their engagement in the care plan, and improve their outcomes overall by staying healthier during treatment.

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Reduced Costs. Greater Efficiency. Better Patient Outcomes.

Oncology providers and cancer care programs use our technology solution to provide better care for patients while increasing patient satisfaction, improving outcomes, and reducing costs.

Our Care Management solution puts patients at the center of their care

Clinics using our patient relationship management platform connect and engage with their patients. Three benefits to our solution:

Clinic staff

Can work at the top of their license, resulting in a happier and more fulfilled care team. Efficiently scale the care team to deliver high quality care to more patients.


Prepare and become economically viable in value-based payment models – without disruption to their day-to-day activities.


Receive more personalized and comprehensive care, leading to higher patient satisfaction and improved patient outcomes. Prevent avoidable ED visits by focusing care teams on their highest risk patients.

Our patient relationship management platform adds value to every role in your oncology practice

With the ability to streamline your workflow and reduce the administrative burden, your care team can spend more time with patients and improve of the care experience.

Front Office

  • Less printing and paper
  • Reduce practice call volume
  • Eliminate mailers

Clinical Team

  • More meaningful patient interactions
  • Digital information to reinforce patient care conversations
  • Faster interventions with unique patient insights
  • Single patient view for care coordination


  • Report on Meaningful Use or OCM requirements
  • Insights for practice improvement
  • Report on activities for MACRA, MIPS and APMs

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Pharma & Partners

Connected Partners – Improved Outcomes

At Navigating Cancer, we support pharmaceutical companies and other partners in driving brand awareness and medication adherence through our information and data solutions. Succeeding in value-based cancer care requires coordination and shared mission to put the patient at the center of their care.

Reach engaged patients and providers at the right time

Support patients and providers by delivering relevant information

Use actionable insights to improve care

We work with organizations that help improve the patient experience and have the ability to enhance the provider-patient relationship.