Watch: triage nurse shares how Health Tracker is enabling proactive symptom management

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Remote Monitoring, Symptom Management

In a recent conversation with Minnesota Oncology triage nurse, Jane Propsom, it was exciting to hear how Navigating Cancer’s remote patient monitoring solution, Health Tracker, is positively impacting patient care, “It allows us to deal with patients before their symptoms get severe…I think patients really like Health Tracker because someone is checking in with them.”

Interested in hearing more? Watch a short video to hear her comments.

Give patients an added connection to the care team

Jane told us that patients of all ages really like Health Tracker and they participate on a regular basis. She shared some key advantages of the program:

Patients are reassured that they’re not alone and on thier own between appointments

Triage nurses can get ahead of symptoms before they are severe and require urgent intervention

The care team can ensure that patients aren’t left on their own to determine if they need help

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