The Navigating Cancer Community

At Navigating Cancer, we believe that it takes a community of people to help support a cancer patient.  Cancer is a scary disease.  It’s overwhelming to the patient, and to their family and to their own community of friends and family who feel so helpless.


That’s why we’ve built Navigating Cancer, to help support cancer patients, to support communities and to build another community to help others.

The Navigating Cancer community consists of survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, family and friends.  In the community, patients can access their own health information, read expert information about their disease and treatments, and connect with their own family and friends as well as other like patients.  Following an appointment, patients can log in to the site to view lab results and clinic visit summaries.  61% of patients visit the site one day after an appointment then again within 2 weeks.  Besides viewing personal health records, patients use the library to research information, a new drug or discover information about their diagnosis.


Within the Navigating Cancer community, patients can learn from one another through discussions and groups.  Every month, thousands of people connect with one another through private messages to learn and share.


We support those that are supporting the people that are fighting for their life, the family, friends and caregivers of cancer patients.  We want to ensure that they have the information, tools and support to help their loved ones.

In addition to helping thousands of patients, we’re proud to be supporting thousands of healthcare professionals who take care of cancer patients every day.  We’re passionate about helping providers and clinic staff save time and improve efficiencies so they can focus on their patients.

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Finally, an integral part of the community is the Navigating Cancer team, a group of dedicated engineers, sales and support personnel.  Our mission is to transform healthcare through patient-centered care by using technology to connect every cancer patient to their healthcare team, their own health records, and the right information at the right time.  We’re proud to be supporting healthcare professionals and patients every day.

If you are a cancer survivor or are supporting a cancer patient, we welcome you to our community.  Please send us feedback on how we can continue to support you!

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