The Big C trailer – new TV show about cancer

Showtime is launching a new series on August 16 about a woman who is diagnosed with cancer called “The Big C“. Starring Laura Linney and Oliver Platt, it’s billed as a comedy where the main character learns to live life to the fullest after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hopefully the producers will work in some topical issues around what actual cancer patients go through, but as it’s a comedy don’t expect it to get too deep, or will it? Cancer rarely gets discussed in a light hearted way, but we all know that laughter can be good medicine.

A Newsweek article published last year focused on the growing number of cancer patients under 40 that are using humor and “cancertainment” as they blog about their cancer journey.

This is a sharp departure from the cancer survivorship rhetoric of the last 20 years. For members of an earlier generation, curing oneself of cancer was often associated with turning inward to positive thinking and spirituality and away from anything resembling cynicism and irony.

I’m sure for some people it will be hard to laugh at such a serious topic, but for others it will provide some needed, temporary relief.

What’s been your experience? Are you able to find humor in dealing with cancer, or is it just too serious a topic?

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