Technology’s Role in the Future of Community Oncology

At the ACCC Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit recently held in Washington, D.C. a general session titled “Technology’s Role in the Future of Community Oncology” featured the leaders of two innovative practices that use Navigating Cancer’s patient relationship management software platform. The participants shared how they are leveraging technology to streamline operations, improve care quality, and reduce costs.

Barry Russo, CEO of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, shared the lessons he’s learned during the practice’s shift to value-based care over the past several years. He described the important role that technology, in particular remote monitoring and proactive symptom management with triage pathways, can play in reducing costs and improving outcomes. Glenn Balasky, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, is in the early stages of implementing Navigating Cancer’s software. While his practice has experienced some early successes, he highlighted the challenges of implementing new tools across multiple locations. Ensuring the entire care team understands the value of new technologies can take time, but is an important step to gaining buy-in and acceptance. Both panelists agreed, transformation takes time – don’t wait to get started on your shift to value-based care.

Read more at the Journal of Clinical Pathways.

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