Technology project on hold due to the pandemic? Here are 4 tips for successful implementation.

Technology project on hold due to the pandemic? Here are four tips for successful implementation.

Implementation when we can’t be there in person

COVID-19 has disrupted all parts of “normal” life, routines, and, for some, plans for the future. Weddings have been postponed. Professional sports have been upended. Schools closed.

We wondered what the future would look like for us at Navigating Cancer. Our standard procedure for implementing our patient relationship management software includes several site visits to observe workflows, build rapport and provide support and training. We are always on site to support our customers during go-live to answer any questions, respond to any issues that may arise, and to generally ensure that implementation goes smoothly. So what now?

We were pleasantly surprised to find that customers who were in the queue for implementation prior to the pandemic were still up for proceeding. We have now implemented two different customers and, while it did have its challenges, both were very successful.

4 tips for remote software implementation

Technology project on hold due to the pandemic? Here are four tips for successful implementation.

  • Communication has to be more deliberate. Since you’re not on site, you might not be aware of questions that arise. People also have their own preferences for communicating when it’s not in person. Make sure you are available via multiple channels (email, phone, text, video conferencing). Don’t wait for the customer to contact you – check-in on a regular basis to ensure success.
  • Concentrate on building relationships. One of the big benefits of being on site is getting to know people, learning their preferences, and gaining their trust. This a little harder when you can’t be on site – so make a concerted effort to get to know the stakeholders individually so you understand their needs and they feel comfortable reaching out to you when they need assistance.
  • Take a more proactive approach to training. Everyone is learning a new workflow, using a software platform that is new to them, and that can be alot to process in one sitting. Providing multiple training sessions, checking back periodically, and making recordings and resources available will help everyone get comfortable and help ensure success.
  • Acknowledge work and contributions of the care team. We always have a little celebration at the end of go-live efforts. Everyone has worked hard, learned something new, and because our software captures valuable data right from the start, we can also show the difference they are making. Celebrate those wins even if you’re remote – send some treats, gift cards – something to leave the implementation on a high note.

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