Team Spotlight: Anner Charrier

Some of us have dedicated our careers to the cancer field, some of us have dedicated our careers to helping people use technology to improve their lives and some of us just like helping people. We’re really proud of our work and our team here at Navigating Cancer.

AnnerMeet our Office Manager, Anner Charrier:

Describe Your Role:

I could not be prouder to be the first dedicated Office Manager for Navigating Cancer.  I love setting up processes, welcoming candidates for interviews, on-boarding new employees and, of course, keeping the office running smoothly. Getting the chance to mix in time organizing the occasional staff game night after work or taking the team out to bond together not only is fun, but allows me to help cement our team’s commitment to serving Navigating Cancer’s “Work with a Purpose.”

My background is in project start-up and team management. My role as Office Manager combines the perfect blend of my job skills and passion to revolutionize cancer care into one fabulous job.  I’m the luckiest!

Where do you find inspiration?

Getting to work as a part of this awesome team with everyone collaborating in creating better products for people living with cancer, how can that be anything but inspirational? Knowing first-hand what it’s like to watch loved ones live with cancer, in my case, my dad, step-dad, and several good friends, I know how helpless it feels to be the watcher. How useless the words “let me know what I can do” can seem. That’s what inspired me to join the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk planning committee eight years ago. I wanted to DO something. Fast forward, and when the opportunity to join Navigating Cancer presented itself, I LEAPED at the opportunity. I’ve never been so excited about a new job! It’s my chance to jump in and do my best to keep making a difference.

What’s your favorite technology?

I love my tablet. I use Messenger and Duo Lingo all the time (I’m going to be fluent in Spanish soon, I’m sure), but speaking as someone who spent the entirety of 2015 living in the developing world, I’d have to say my favorite technology is actually indoor plumbing providing clean, potable tap water. Ironic finding so many places might not have drinkable water, but they all have wi-fi!

What’s your best life hack?

I live by the words, “You’ll always regret the things you don’t try.”  Even when I fail, I almost never regret the crazy stuff that I at least attempted. I never have to wonder what would have happened if I only had said ‘Yes’. That, my friends, is how I ended up guest starring as my college mascot, ice camping in Antarctica, and riding a horse around Mongolia. No regrets!

Star Wars or Star Trek?

The Star Trek reboot is great, but for me it’s definitely Star Wars! Episode IV – A New Hope was one of the first movies I saw in the movie theater…sandwiched between my dad and brother with a big old bucket of popcorn. I wanted my own R2D2 more than anything.

What’s your favorite thing to do when not working?

Love playing table-top strategy games with my Hubs…Rivals of Catan, anyone? Race for the Galaxy? 7 Wonders? Deal me in! I also consider myself a pretty fabulous baker and sewer of some awesome sock critters. When all of that is done, you can find me writing at

Little known fact about me that would surprise people

I’m not sure folks would guess it by my “classic” (yawn) wardrobe, but I **LOVE** Project Runway. Last year I even got to go to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam <SQUEEEAL!!!> AND spent a few days designing and sewing with real live fashion designers!! I definitely made it work. File that one under “didn’t regret the crazy thing I tried”.

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