Search and Navigation Improvements

Today we released some navigation changes to simplify searching and finding resources on the site. Members and non-members will find it easier to customize their searches to find the specific content they’re looking for.

New Explore Navigation Box

The Explore navigation box is located on the left side of each page. You can now filter your search parameters by any combination of cancer type, resource type and journey phase. You can also search by keyword, which we’ve moved from the top right of the page to the explore box.

The journey phase filter is new, and refers to the different phases you go through during your cancer journey; understanding (pre-treatment), treating, and monitoring (post-treatment).

For example, if you were looking for shared experiences from our members about monitoring breast cancer, you would select these three filters and it would return content that fit those search parameters. To widen your search, select all for each search category.

For members, the navigation bar in the top right corner of each page when you’re signed in has been improved as well. We’ve added an explore link so you can access the new explore navigation from any page on the site, and have added a drop down menu which is where the links that used to be on the top of the page are now located. We also included a link to your settings page so you can more easily update your profile.

Small changes but we think they’ll have a big impact on making it easier to find more of the great content that’s available on Navigating Cancer. Let us know what you think!

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