Remote care innovations keeping cancer patients and oncology practices safe from COVID-19

Screen patients for COVID-19 exposure before appointments

Leverage technology to overcome new challenges

We’re excited to announce a new COVID-19 Screening Survey to automate screening before patient appointments – available free to customers using Navigating Cancer’s care management solution.

COVID-19 Screening Survey enables you to automate screening before patient appointments:

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To lessen the administrative burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, this automated pre-appointment screening help identify patients who may have been exposed to the virus before the enter the clinic. This digital survey is deployed to patients with upcoming in-person appointments and asks patients about possible recent exposure to COVID-19, recent COVID-19 test activity, and potential symptoms to ensure safety of patients and staff in the clinic.

Leverage digital health tools to respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on cancer care, but cancer care providers are quickly responding, learning, and moving forward to continue to care for patients – leveraging technology and digital tools along the way.

Navigating Cancer’s Patient Relationship Management digital platform offers important advantages for cancer care providers including automated digital communication, symptom montitoring and management with electronic patient-reported outcomes, and a cloud-based platform that can be accessed remotely.

Interested in learning more about how we are helping cancer care providers build out comprehensive telehealth strategy to respond to the pandemic? Contact us today!

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