Point of Care Solutions

Reach highly engaged patients

Ensuring patients receive accurate information regarding their cancer is more important than ever

Patients are becoming more engaged in their own healthcare decisions. Since our digital solutions are part of the oncology care team workflow, Navigating Cancer can help our partners reach highly engaged patients. We work with pharmaceutical companies and other partners to help patients get the right information about their cancer and treatment at the right time.

We support pharmaceutical brands at every stage of their product journey

Reach your audience through our solutions:

Market segmenting data to help inform insights

Disease and medication education for patients to help drive awareness and adherence

A Navigating Cancer survey of more than 7,000 cancer patients in 2019 found that 86% of patients felt more satisfied with their care when they had access to personalized data and resources. Learn what we can do for you. 

Improve Brand Performance

Personalized education through Navigating Care® can improve patient engagement and adherence, keeping patients on therapy longer

13% increase

in one-year survival

50 days

longer time on therapy (mean increase)

In a 2017 study published at ASCO, the impact of one our educational programs was studied for lung cancer patients. Results showed patients who engaged with educational materials extended their time on treatment by 21% or 50 days and increased one-year survival by 13%.

With patients looking to be more active participants in their treatment, providing them with educational materials about their condition and their treatment can help drive awareness and adherence.

Navigating Cancer helps deliver targeted patient education to the right patient at the right time

Exclusive disease state education at point of diagnosis

Branded education during therapy

See what we can do for you!

Leverage Market Insights

Data is essential to making informed decisions and to reach the right audience

We work to ensure the right information is being sent to the right patient at the right time. We are rapidly accelerating our patient-reported outcomes (PRO) platform to enable the broadest, largest PRO + EMR data set in oncology. PRO data can help pharma companies better understand and educate patients on the side effect profiles of specific therapies.