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Personalized cancer care for every patient

Find the right time and place to engage patients with relevant information

With more cancer treatments approved every year, it is essential for patients and providers to have the information they need. From initial diagnosis to the start of therapy, Navigating Cancer supports pharmaceutical companies and other industry partners in reaching patients and providers at the right times during the treatment journey.

Our solutions tie clinical workflows, oncology content, and data capabilities together to help improve care for cancer patients.

Accelerate your company’s cancer care innovation with:

Patient reach

Brand awareness

Market insights

In 2017, an abstract published at ASCO shared the results of a study evaluating the effect of Navigating Cancer’s digital education program on patient time on therapy and one-year survival.

Patients who received targeted education experienced a mean increase of 50 days on therapy and 13% increase in one-year survival.

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Leverage data and point of care solutions through the Navigating Care® platform to improve outcomes

Reach patients and providers with relevant information to diagnosis

Deliver targeted patient education to drive awareness and medication adherence

Help physicians improve patient care and succeed in value-based care

“This resource gives me access to education for my illness, others tips/tricks and even spelling of things that I need so often. For me there is nothing better than to have my information at my fingertips instead of waiting for a call back.”

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