Patient-Reported Outcomes

Enabling better care

Physicians strive to deliver exceptional patient care – but it’s impossible to always know what’s happening with every patient as they live their every day lives

Our Health Tracker program allows patients to engage with their care team in a way that’s easy and convenient.

Health Tracker

Our remote monitoring program puts the patient at the center of their care

Collecting patient-reported outcomes (PROs) is an increasingly important aspect to improving cancer care. Health Tracker captures PROs and delivers real-time information in the clinic workflow for timely care team follow-up.

Stay connected to your patients between office visits with side effect check-ins and patient-reported outcomes.

Ground-breaking study

A ground-breaking study by Dr. Ethan Basch* showed that patient-reported outcomes may help patients stay on therapy longer, experience better survival outcomes, improved quality of life, and decreased ED visits and hospitalizations.

At Navigating Cancer, we are passionate about empowering patients in their care while helping oncology practices monitor and manage patients more effectively.

*Dr. Basch joined Navigating Cancer as a Scientific Medical Advisor in 2019.

The Importance of PROs & Value-Based Care

OBR Article


Future Studies

Navigating Cancer will be launching several studies in 2020 with our clinic partners to validate the results of our Health Tracker program in improving patient care through capturing patient-reported outcomes.

Stay tuned for updates and results!

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