24/7 Patient CareBeyond Your Clinic

For the other 43,000 minutes each month when you can’t be there.

24/7 Patient CareBeyond Your Clinic

For the other 43,000 minutes each month when you can’t be there.

Physicians strive to deliver exceptional patient care – but it’s impossible to know what’s happening with every patient, all the time.

Navigating Care acts as an extension of the care you already provide. Delivered under your brand, it enables patients to engage on their own terms and time.

Engage your patients at every step along their journey.

Automated and personalized for every patient, from intake through survivorship
Online Patient Registration
Share Patient Health Records
Automated Patient Education
Secure Messaging Platform
Side-Effect Tracking Tool
Medication & Appt. Reminders
Psychosocial Support Resources
Survivor Care Plans

Provide Smarter Care With Real-Time Information

Spend time providing care, not collecting data.

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Bringing Patient Care to the 21st Century


This is the ’one place’ where I can get, keep and find information I need. At a time when I am disorganized and confused the portal is organized and available 24/7.


To me knowledge is power. The more I know, the better I feel.


Glad to have this online resource and I check it every other day, even if I don’t get a notice new information is posted – reason: to follow discussions from other cancer patients.


I’m trying to go paperless especially when it comes to my schedule and the number of various doctors’ appointments I have. Having the ability to look up my appointments through the Portal keeps me on track and ensures I don’t miss an appointment.


You can be more thoughtful and indicate more information because you do not feel rushed when filling in the information in the privacy of your own home.

Support your patients with services they want and need

Patient & Caregiver Support Groups

Online support groups and discussions to learn, connect and receive support and encouragement.

Family Page Private & Personal

Caregivers and patients can keep everyone in their private network up to date with a single message, including asking for help like rides to their appointments.

Manage Care in One Place

From health history, labs, medications and more – patients can receive and upload information to have everything in one place.

Calendars & Reminders

Keep track of all appointments and important dates and receive automated email and text reminders.

Personalized Education

Automated delivery of patient education specific to each individual diagnosis.

A Single Login

Patients and caregivers can manage care across different care settings and geographies.

Navigator Support

Our patient navigators are a phone call away – to help with any need and make life a little easier for patients and caregivers.

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