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Introduction to PRM Technology

eBook: Introduction to Patient Relationship ManagementNavigating Cancer spent the last 10+ years developing technologies to improve cancer care for patients and providers. Through that time and with the benefit of some really innovative clinical partners, we’ve seen exciting progress in cancer care. We’ve seen:

  • The positive patient impact of targeted, timely information about diagnosis and treatment plans
  • The power of symptom management with triage pathways to prevent unnecessary emergency department visits and lower costs
  • The increased ability of care teams to work at the top of their license by leveraging technology to ensure the right person is doing the right job

Now we are also seeing the growing momentum of patient-reported outcomes and what they can mean for patient outcomes and patient experience as well as the importance of managing the requirements of value-based care at the population level. We’re excited about changing cancer care for the better and see exciting opportunities ahead.

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into Patient Relationship Management and its impact on patient care and practice operations, download our eBook to learn how PRM is transforming cancer care across the nation.


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