Remote Patient Monitoring

Improve the patient-provider relationship

Remote patient monitoring and patient-reported outcomes can improve outcomes for cancer patients

A ground-breaking study from Dr. Ethan Basch in 2017 showed that remote monitoring helped patients stay on therapy longer, reduced ED visits and hospitalizations, and improved quality of life and overall survival.1

~5 months

increase in median overall survival1

~2 months

longer time on therapy1

When patients can easily report side effects during treatment through regular check-ins, their care team can help them manage their symptoms and stay on track with their treatment plan. The Navigating Care® platform allows you to monitor and manage patients through risk-stratification to ensure no issues are missed. You can also conduct important digital assessments like distress, pain, and depression.

Nearly 40% of active cancer patients did not report side effects because they did not want to bother their doctor, according to a report from CancerCare2

Give patients Health Tracker!

Health Tracker

Coordinated patient care with Health Tracker

Since 2015, Health Tracker has been helping patients stay connected to their care team between office visits. Create a custom schedule with your patients to send regular check-in messages via text or email. Health Tracker lets you monitor oral medication adherence and side effects. When patients report side effects, a triage ticket will automatically be created to so they receive timely assistance. Remote patient monitoring allows practices to track and quickly address any patient issues.

What makes Heath Tracker different?

Developed with leading cancer centers

Tested and approved by actual cancer patients

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) delivered in real time

Seamless integration into Care Management workflows

Learn more about how Health Tracker can transform your care delivery. Download the brochure.

Since 2015, Health Tracker has been helping patients stay connected to their care team between office visits.

Patient assessments and screenings

Access to a portfolio of assessments and screenings for patients

Stay on top of patient side effects with important digital assessments for distress, pain, and depression. Your office will receive real-time data when assessments are completed and alerts when any feedback needs to be addressed.

Navigating Care has some of the highest industry engagement rates — 86% approval rating from 2019 patient surveys

1 Basch E, Deal AM, Dueck AC, Scher HI, Kris MG, Hudis C, Schrag D. Overall Survival Results of a Trial Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Monitoring During Routine Cancer Treatment. JAMA. 2017;318(2):197-198.

2  CancerCare. CancerCare Patient Access and Engagement Report. New York: CancerCare; 2016.