First-in-class mobile app currently available at 6 major cancer centers

Seattle, WA – April 17, 2015 — Navigating Cancer, the leading web-based patient care and engagement solution for oncology clinics, announced today the launch of its patient-friendly care management mobile application.

The mobile application engages patients through a daily text. This “check-in” is designed to boost adherence by reminding patients when its time to take their medication, and allowing them to record when they take it. It also prompts patients to enter how they are feeling on a day-by-day basis. Data are saved in one convenient location, which patients will ultimately be able to access throughout the course of their healthcare journey. For providers, these patient-reported outcomes can be monitored in real time through a care management dashboard.

In addition, the mobile application alerts healthcare providers when a patient should be contacted or watched carefully, facilitating a same-day patient-provider touch point that can avert or minimize hospitalizations. Providers can customize these alerts to be more or less sensitive to individual patients.

“Engaged patients achieve better treatment outcomes, particularly when it comes to managing a multi-staged, complex disease like cancer. To serve this need, we are proud to pioneer our first care management mobile app,” said Gena Cook, Navigating Cancer’s CEO. “With our plan to continue to add functionality in a modular fashion, we expect our care and engagement solution to become foundational to forward-thinking cancer centers across the United States.”

Healthcare providers that are early adopters of the care management mobile application will receive additional features at no extra cost, as early as this summer.

The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows devices.