I Am and I Will: Empowering Patients on World Cancer Day & Every Day

World Cancer Day 2021

February 4th is World Cancer Day, an initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control. It’s a day to create awareness of cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. This year’s theme, “I Am and I Will” is all about empowering cancer patients and challenging them to be personally engaged in their care. 

At Navigating Cancer, “I Am and I Will” is a concept we embrace not only on World Cancer Day, but EVERY day. Our innovative technology solutions enable personalized cancer care and encourage patients to be active in their treatment, which can result in more successful outcomes. Here’s how Navigating Cancer helps patients, care providers, pharmaceutical companies and other partners join forces for patient-centered care:

We help patients stay connected.

Our Navigating Care® solution helps patients communicate with their care team at any time, allowing them to receive timely health updates and instructions as needed. These patients have 24/7 access to customized care information and can access personal data, educational materials and self-care instructions. They can also use the Navigating Care® solution to receive support from their loved ones and the broader cancer community.

We help care teams be more proactive. 

Care teams can respond to patient needs more efficiently using our Triage system, allowing faster interventions based on unique patient insights. As a result, patients receive comprehensive care with improved outcomes—which also leads to higher patient satisfaction. Our patient relationship management platform streamlines practice workflows and reduces administrative work, so care teams can spend more time with patients for an improved care experience.

We support pharmaceutical companies and other partners to provide patient-centered care.

We work with organizations that help improve the patient experience and enhance the provider-patient relationship. Through our information and data solutions, we help drive medication adherence to reach patients and providers at the right time, delivering relevant information and using actionable insights to improve care.

We are on a mission to improve the lives of cancer patients and those who care for them.

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