Health Tracker

Patient-reported outcomes delivered in real time

Oncology Patient Monitoring

Health Tracker is a simple program to give patients a way to let you know how they’re doing when they’re not in the clinic – and that’s never been more important

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered how cancer care is delivered. Providers have quickly adopted telehealth platforms and will need to adopt remote monitoring technology to stay connected to patients. Health Tracker provides an excellent way to provide care in a safe and secure way and also keep patients away from hospitals.

Health Tracker can meet the unique needs of your practice by helping you: 

Provide proactive support for side effect management

Monitor oral medication adherence

Comply with the requirements of value-based programs


ePROs improve outcomes for cancer patients

View a presentation from Dr. Ethan Basch about the importance of ePRO utilization to improve patient care. In 2017, Dr. Basch’s ground-breaking study showed that remote monitoring helped patients stay on therapy 38% longer, reduced ED visits by 7% and hospitalizations by 4%, and improved quality of life and overall survival.

Navigating Cancer also shares their real world experience implementing ePRO programs in oncology practices across the country – sign up to watch the webinar recording anytime on demand.

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Want to read about Health Tracker in action?

Simple set up and monitoring

Easy on your team, easy for your patients

Health Tracker was designed with your needs in mind. With quick and easy patient set up, your team can start seeing results right away.

What makes Health Tracker different?

Developed with leading cancer centers

Customizable schedules ensure patient engagement

Support for medication adherence

Proactively assist patients experiencing side effects

Keeps patients on therapy and out of the hospital

A Better Patient Experience

Why do patients love Health Tracker?

Health Tracker was designed to support patient needs and can deliver check-ins via text or email. Our browser-based platform means there’s no app to download to get started. For patients who face technology barriers, our platform makes it easy for oncology practices to identify and reach these patients over the phone.

Patients using Health Tracker enjoy:

A friendly, easy to use interface

A straighforward and secure sign-in process, without having to remember a password

Symptom and medication adherence reporting made simple

Receiving proactive care that helps keep them on therapy and out of the hospital

“I think it is just a marvelous tool! I feel very cared for and it’s so easy! Thanks!”

Kari, patient using Health Tracker

Ready to get started with Health Tracker?