Give your patient engagement efforts a boost

A central requirement of many value-based programs is patient engagement and cancer care providers have invested significant time and money into engagement efforts. Yet it continues to be a real challenge. Portals are generally underutilized, office visits are short and medical information is complicated. That’s why Navigating Cancer is taking its Patient Relationship Management platform to the next level. Instead of hoping your patient heard you correctly, wondering if they wrote down what you said or trusting they know how and where to access new information – you can now put information right in front of them.

The Navigating Cancer’s PRM is expanding its capabilities with mobile tools and is giving the care team an added way to help patients: Home Care Instructions.

With Home Care Instructions, the care team can now send follow up information right to the patient’s phone or email account. This versatile tool can be used to help cancer patients with symptom management at home, provide test results, confirm that a prescription has been filled or just answer a general question – it’s a great way to close the loop with patient and make sure they have accurate information delivered in a convenient way. Watch a quick video!

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