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Treating Skin Cancer (Non-Melanoma)

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Metastatic Spinal Tumors - New Treatment
I'm Shantelle_DFINE, and I'm a healthcare professional
Cancer that has spread to the spine:
A new treatment that relieves the constant pain while still being able to have
chemotherapy treatments that combat the primary cancer.
Rather than choosing between pain relief and chemotherapy, radiofrequency ablation provides pain relief to metastatic spinal tumors in a minimally invasive treatment.
http://www.spine-tumors.com/   Read more…

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Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Community Resources

Created Jun 8, 2011 in Nutrition Support During Treatment's resources · Like12
Good nutrition and avoiding weight loss is very important during treatment. Therefore the Cancer Centers of America has compiled a list of food choices that will assist the function of your immune ... more
Created Jun 14, 2011 in Nutrition Support During Treatment's resources · Like1
Some cancer treatments can make you more likely to get infections, therefore you'll want to take special care in the way you handle and prepare food. Here are a variety of special tips to consider,... more
Created Nov 14, 2012 in Patient Empowerment's resources ·
Many chemotherapy drugs and radiation cause a great deal of skin issues for people living with cancer. This book highlights the best way to manage your skin care by Dr. Mario Lacouture, Associate ... more

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