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Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Discussions

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Hi, I'm Vicki J R.
Saul, it is different having to accept being the one on the recieving end of being waited on or getting a ride.(But once you try it you might like it lol) They found my stage 4 lung cancer that had...
  • Fri Sep 6, 2013 · Like1
Hi, I'm Toa B.
Anyone using the combination of Navelbine, estamastane and affinitor? I have only been on this treatment regimen for 1 month. Can anyone share their experience?
  • Fri Sep 6, 2013 ·
I had a lot of trouble with chemo. It was such a difficult 4 months. (Awful!)The surgeries were tough o both sides of that. The steroids and all side effects made it tough for me walk or hobble th...
  • Wed Sep 4, 2013 · Like4
Hi, I'm Linda S J.
Hi Dave and others who have responded. I thought I was alone with all this and I have read and read so many peoples stories of their ordeal with cancer its overwhelming. I find I am not unique lol ...
  • Tue Sep 3, 2013 · Like2
Hi, I'm Theresa C M.
I'm wanting to talk to people with ovarian cancer, is there a way to find just ovarian cancer instead of going threw every member? Looks like there should be away to separate all cancer instead and...
  • Sun Sep 1, 2013 · Like3
I'm PopArt, and I'm a survivor of Stage 3c-Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Thanks kwheeler and gloriajean I am looking forward to going to the lymphedema specialist this Tues Sep 3! I had all that leg swelling I mentioned before surgery. It has gone down a lot the p...
  • Sun Sep 1, 2013 · Like3
Hi, I'm JimiLee V W.
My name is Jimi!ee. I was diagnosed with ET Jan 2000 after a bone marrow biopsy. i was put on Anagrelide,only side effect was the rapid heart rate after taking this med. When I turned 60, my doct...
  • Sat Aug 31, 2013 · Like1
I'm dave, and I'm an AML/MDS cancer survivor
Karoline -- I would like to put you at ease. I do not think the problem is as bad as it seems, although I know it is difficult for all of you at this point. All I can say is that chemo hits diffe...
  • Sat Aug 17, 2013 · Like1
I'm Maria, and I support someone with cancer
Thanks for sharing this. I really didn't think that Cancer patients feel this way, but this explains why my dad doesn't leave the house as often as he used to.
  • Sun Aug 11, 2013 · Like2
Hi, I'm Nancy A J.
I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010. It had gone through the wall of the colon to my liver. I had surgery to remove a portion of my colon and a tumor in my liver. I had one round of chemo af...
  • Sun Aug 4, 2013 ·

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