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Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Discussions

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Wh at is DPD?
  • Thu Oct 9, 2014 ·
Hi, I'm MARY B.
My toe nails, specifically my right big toe, began getting extremely thick and began to grow into the skin on all sides. After a year or so, it started to spread to some of my other toes but not as...
  • Sun Oct 5, 2014 · Like2
My mother was diagnosed with this miserable cancer July of 2014. She just finished her third chemo treatment. After her second she had anothe CT scan. Unfortunately, not much changed, and the liv...
  • Thu Oct 2, 2014 ·
Hi, I'm George W D.
I had a reoccurrence of a small bladder cancer after 12 years, but it seems to not reoccur again after one year so far. Am grateful...and pray the others whose cancer is more serious have real tre...
  • Sat Sep 27, 2014 ·
Hi, I'm Cindy P.
Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and have never worked int he medical field. Having said that, I would definitely go to another ENT if you aren't satisfied with the outcome. If your tonsils are not...
  • Fri Sep 26, 2014 ·
Hi, I'm Sandra L.
Hi guys' I have been reading about all the itching problems people have been having. I myself have had this problem. I used as many lotions as I can. the only thing that has worked is, I stopped my...
  • Mon Sep 22, 2014 · Like1
Hi, I'm Diane K.
I started taking a statin drug for high cholesterol and now I've noticed that the breast which was treated with radition for cancer is swollen and aches. Has anyone else had similar problems?
  • Mon Sep 22, 2014 ·
Hi, I'm Brenda K J.
I am on Avastin and Letrozole (oral) since 3/6/14. Side effects are being managed, HBP, muscle & bone pain, very tired, but all are typical. BUT scans show they are slowing Granulosa cell ovarian c...
  • Fri Sep 19, 2014 · Like1
I'm Rosie E B., and I'm a survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
You are not alone. I was given my diagnosis about 6 weeks ago. (after a 2 month wait between my optomitrist first seeing "something that may be nothing, but could be something" and sending me to a...
  • Wed Sep 17, 2014 · Like2
I'm Art, and I'm a survivor of Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
I am taking Xalkori (Crozotinib) for my lung cancer. I get flashes of light and floaters in my eyes. My taste buds are also messed up. Everything tastes like crap. I cant enjoy anything. I wa...
  • Sun Sep 14, 2014 ·

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